2017 Ready, Set, Grow! Garden Expo Resources

2017 Ready, Set, Grow!

Garden Expo Class Resources


We would like to thank all of the registrants and guests who came to see the speakers, vendors and silent auction items for this year's Ready, Set, Grow! Garden Expo. We sincerely hope that you enjoyed your time with us, as we enjoyed hosting this opportunity. It is always fun to network with other gardeners who are looking forward to the Spring season! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at 454grow@crowwingmastergardeners.org or through our Website contact page. http:www.crowwingmastergardeners.org

You can also contact us by phone at 218-454-GROW. (If by phone), please leave a message and someone will contact you back within the next few business days.


Please find the links below to the resources for the 2017 Garden Expo class hand-outs


Tomatoes - From Seed To Saucepan - Joann Weaver (docx file)

Herbs - Garden to Table - Joann Weaver (docx file)

Container Gardening: Planting with Pizzazz - Julie Kloster (docx file)

New Adventures In Vegetable Gardening - Tracey Srock (docx file)

Lettuce and Salad Greens in Your Garden - Tracey Srock (docx file)

Selecting the Perfect Plants for Your Small Flower Gardens - Jackie Froemming (PDF)

Water Wisely - Jackie Froemming (PDF)

Top Perennials for Central Minnesota - Julie Schroer & Jodie Ramsay (docx file)

New & Exciting Perenials - Julie Schroer & Jodie Ramsay (docx file)

Under Used Trees for Your Landscape - Shelly Boser (docx file)

Small Fruits for the Home Gardener - Shelly Boser (docx File)

The Gardener and the Cook:  Savoring Backyard Bounty with Mostly Meatless Meals - Beth Dooley (docx file)

In a Pickle or a Jam: Stocking Up​ - Beth Dooley (docx file)

Fact or Fiction:  Garden Myths Meet Research-Based Science - Jackie Burkey (PDF)

Trees:  Choose Wisely and Plant Properly Handout: Jackie Burkey (PDF)

Trees:  Choose Wisely and Plant Properly Tree List and Characteristics:  Jackie Burkey (PDF)

Two Old-Fashioned Favorites: Peonies and Clematis - Jennifer Knutson (docx file)

Welcome to the Shady Garden - Jennifer Knutson (docx file) 

Gardening for Bees and Butterflies/The Pollination of Native Plants - Heather Holm (html) 


* Note, docx files need to have either Microsoft Word, or Google Docs to view (or compatible). PDF files need to have an active Adobe download or Google docs installed (or compatible). Unfortunately, the CWC Master Gardeners are not able to support computer issues, as this is out of our support boundaries.*