Good Samaritan Monthly Presentations

Nature’s Blessings Good Samaritan Garden Club

Community Garden Education Classes – 2017; Second Thursday, 2:00 pm, 200 Dining Room Area, Woodland Campus, Brainerd.

We are offering Community Garden Educational Classes at the Woodland Campus for 2017.

Who is invited to participate?  All Woodland & Bethany Residents & Auxiliary members, The Center members, Breath of Life Adult Day Service residents, and others interested in community garden education.

Presentations facilitated by certified U OF M Extension Crow Wing County Master Gardeners. Master Gardeners are University of Minnesota-trained volunteers whose job is to educate the public about a variety of horticulture subjects using readily-available, up-to-date research-based information.  The Master Gardener Program educational effort is designed to enhance residents’ quality of life and to promote good stewardship of the environment.


Brian Lehman, Resource Development Director,, 218-820-5123

Date:  Thursday, February 9

Speaker:  JoAnn Weaver

​Title:  Planning the Perfect Garden

Topic Description:  Growing great plants and having a wonderful garden don't necessarily go hand in hand!  This presentation will cover the basics of good garden design including the necessary steps for proper assessment, plan development, and plan implementation.  In addition, the criteria for optimum plant selection and consideration of garden maintenance issues will be addressed.

Date:  Thursday, March 9  

Speaker:  Herman Bradley

​Title:  Garden Catalogs-Plant Ordering

Date:  Thursday, April 13 

Speaker:  JoAnn Weaver  

​Title:  Cool Weather Crops-Asparagus and Rhubarb

Topic Description:  Asparagus and rhubarb are perennial vegetables that produce a new crop year after year for at least 10 to 15 years if the plants are properly selected, installed, and cared for.  This presentation will address plant selection, growing conditions, planting, weed control, pest control, and harvest guidelines.

Date:  Thursday, May 11  

Speaker:  Herman Bradley

​Title:  Plant Requests

Date:  Thursday, June 8  

Speaker:  Ken Leuken

​Title:  Grapes

Date:  Thursday, July 13  

Speaker:  Coralee Fox

​Title:  Gardening Tips for Almost Every Letter

Date:  Thursday, August 10

Speaker:  Jennifer Knutson

Title:  Beware! Within the Plant Kingdom Lurks Evil

​Topic Description:  Nature has many dangerous plants.  Most people know about the dangers of poison ivy, but how many Minnesota gardeners know that some common ornamentals can cause serious illness or even death if ingested?  This seminar is not meant to frighten but to inform.  Information presented will be particularly valuable for those who have small children visiting their property.  Most toxic ornamentals are valuable plants that deserve a place in your landscape.  They also deserve your respect.  Understand what they can do if misused; then enjoy their beauty throughout the year.  

Date:  Thursday September 14

Speaker:  Jackie Burkey

Title:  Fall Garden Preparation/Maintenance

Date:  Thursday, October 12

Speaker:  Donna Stricker

Title:  Amaryllis bulbs- Fleet Farm

Date:  Thursday, Nov 9

Speaker:  Donna Stricker

​Title:  Coleus - slips to replant