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Judy Morgan Certified Extension Master Gardener

Judy Morgan

Certified Extension Master Gardener

Judy Morgan lives in Lakeshore and in 2015 finished the Core Course and became a U of M Certified Master Gardener in Crow Wing County.

Judy’s interest include; Gardening in Zone 3, U of M research of woody plants for Zone 3 hardiness, and volunteering in area booths for the Master Gardener program.

In 2014 and 2015, Judy volunteered in varying projects and activities at the Northland Arboretum. One of which was Gardening 101 in writing and then teaching curriculum to kids. She has helped with the Master Gardener Hotline and answered questions from local residents.  June 2015, was volunteering at the booth for the Franklin Art Center event and then participated in a local forum “What Does Clean Water Mean to You” in July and August.

Judy is sharing her knowledge learned from Master Gardener training with friends and family, teaching children about gardening, and answering questions on forums, booths and the Master Gardener Hotline. Judy thought she knew a lot about gardening before taking the Master Gardener training but has learned so much more! She has met so many great and knowledgeable people through Crow Wing Master Gardeners.